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Keeping the peace

Keeping the peace

It is really important to think about your neighbours, as you hope they too will think about you. The following are also a breach of the Residential Tenancies Act:

  • Disturbing the peace, comfort or privacy of other tenants and neighbours, or allowing anyone else at the property to do so;
  • Damaging the property or letting anyone that you have allowed onto the property to cause damage whether it be on purpose or carelessly;
  • Renovating, redecorating, adding structures or otherwise adding to the property or changing it without our prior written consent;


  • Interfering with, or stopping from working any means of warning or escape from fire such as smoke alarms, or blocking an egress way. For example, paths, corridors, emergency exits and entrances;
  • Threatening or assaulting, or permitting any other person to threaten or assault any of our staff, contractors, agents, any other building occupant or neighbour, or anyone else entitled to be on the property;
  • Doing anything illegal at the property;
  • Changing the locks without our written consent.

If you are having any issues with your neighbours, please raise this with your Community Manager, call 0800 430 101.