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What does it cost to rent from Haumaru Housing?

Haumaru Housing Limited Partnership manages over 1,400 units across wider Auckland specifically for older people struggling to cope with the cost of commercial rental. The cost of renting a unit from Haumaru Housing is 30% of a tenant’s gross income (pre-tax income). Bonds are generally four week’s rent.

How do I know if I am eligible for Haumaru Housing?

Due to demand, you will be required to meet eligibility criteria. The following general criteria will assist you to assess your possible eligibility.

You must be fully eligible for New Zealand National Superannuation at the time of your application - this is 65 years of age.

Your main income source must not exceed the value of New Zealand National Superannuation.

The assets you own must be worth less than $40,000 or $60,000 for a couple. This includes both cash and non-cash assets as defined by New Zealand Work and Income for the Accommodation Supplement.

Live independently
You must be able to live independently within an intensive housing environment. This means that you are able to look after yourself or engage and/or manage any support services that you might require, and contribute constructively to harmonious community life within a residential village.

Housing need
Your need for housing must be current, not a possible future need.

Connection to the area
You must have connection to the area you hope to move to, which will help you to engage with others, and avoid social isolation and helplessness. Where applicable it is desirable for you to maintain existing links to social agencies and services.

You may also be eligible for an accommodation supplement through work and income - to find out whether you're eligible visit your local Work and Income centre or call 0800 999 799.

What type of accommodation is available through Haumaru Housing?

Haumaru Housing villages are generally grouped in blocks of three or four units. Villages range in size from four to 68 units. We have three types of units subject to availability:

Studio units for one tenant
These self-contained units have a kitchen, bathroom and combined bedroom and living area

One bedroom units for one tenant
These self-contained units have a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

One bedroom units for couples
These are larger in area than the one bedroom units for one tenant.

These units are unfurnished.


Is parking available?

Our villages have limited parking. For that reason, only tenant’s cars can be parked on the village property, and only in the areas designated for parking.

Only guests with a disability, displaying a mobility card can park within the village grounds. All other guests must park on the street.
There are no allocated carparks for tenants at any of our villages, and all carparks are available to all tenants at any time, assuming a park is available.

We will, where ever possible, accommodate tenants with a disability displaying a mobility card.

No more than one vehicle per household can be parked on the property, which means there may well be times that you will need to park your car on the street. Any vehicle parked on village grounds must be registered and have a current warrant of fitness.

There is no parking for boats, trailers, motor homes, trucks and other similar types of vehicle.

There is no parking for commercial vehicles.

What Laundry facilities are available?

If laundry facilities are not available in the unit, we provide communal facilities. We cover the cost of electricity and maintenance of communal machines.

What Maintenance is provided?

Haumaru Housing maintain the buildings and grounds of the village. Tenants are responsible for the small garden area outside their own units. 

Are dogs permitted?

Alas, dogs are not permitted to be kept on the property. Visitors dogs must be on a lead and under control.