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02 Oct 2017

Making a difference in people's lives

Just three months after starting operations, Haumaru Housing is definitely making a difference in people’s lives – helping older adults into secure, permanent housing and creating positive and inclusive village communities.

We’ve been receiving many wonderful comments from tenants about our superb customer service and friendly staff. Tenants particularly appreciate the speed of response to maintenance requests and the quality of the work undertaken – we’ve been attending to everything from fixing the smallest door locks to clearing overflowing gutters and making units available for new tenants. The excellent gardening service provided by our contractors is also greatly appreciated, and the village lawns are now becoming pleasant community spaces for all to enjoy.

We always do everything we can to deliver an outstanding service, and actively encourage feedback from our village communities on how we’re doing. Some comments received recently include:

‘Since the changeover to Haumaru Housing, we have received phenomenal service from your Community Manager…I am astounded at the level of care and efficiency shown, and it means so much to my parents as well as the other residents how actively involved your manager has been in trying to sort their concerns.

‘I want to thank you for the level of service and care your organisation has demonstrated over the last few months. We certainly are so incredibly grateful…keep up the excellent work.’

From a daughter of Topping Court tenants

‘The things we discussed (at a previous meeting) have now come to fruition and everything has been rectified. Haumaru Housing has really improved things as regards the standards of care and maintenance within the complex, and have taken on board residents’ concerns about security.

‘The contractor who does the lawns is a wonderful person and his workmanship is excellent. And our new Community Manager will listen to everyone and continue (the work undertaken) to give us peace and quiet in the complex.

‘I think it’s been a wonderful changeover.’

From a Leebank Court tenant

Our team of eight Community Managers visit the villages on a weekly basis, chatting with tenants about the general village environment, any repairs needed in the units or other support or assistance that would help add to people’s enjoyment of their homes. We can also be contacted 24 hours a day on our 0800 number, and no issue is ever too big for us to handle!

If you would like to apply for a Haumaru Housing home, contact us now on 0800 430 101 to see how we can help you.